The Best Mods To Try Out

There are probably far too many games that you have enjoyed throughout the years to be able to count them all.

And even though we’ve gone through a wide range of events, who would have imagined that we’d get to see how video games are made?

With Game Dev Tycoon, Greenheart Games gives us the ability to do just that.

Even while the novelty of this game justifies playing it, if you’re looking for even more specialized features, you should definitely check out some of the best mods available.

15. Feature Focus Percentages – Percentager

You’ll quickly discover that creating video games from scratch is no easy feat.

In order to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goal, you will need multiple teams to focus on various game-related tasks.

These situations can rapidly get messy. It is something you obviously don’t want to disentangle.

With that, Percentager can be of great assistance.

Once the mod is installed, you will see straightforward time allocation bars with percentages for each activity that is still in the planning stages. This will make it simpler to view and identify the areas of the game that are receiving the most interest.

14. Finance Mod 2.0

Even if crunching the figures might not be as exciting, it’s unquestionably a crucial aspect of managing a video game development company.

Making the finest games you can for your customers is important, but you also need to keep the business solvent.

With its simple to understand graphs and charts that convey financial data, The Finance Mod by Mabb is a fantastic application that helps to simplify things overall.

Overall, you’ll want to keep this close at hand to ensure that you’re operating at full capacity.

13. Individual Computer

Your game developers will require the newest equipment available to them in order to produce the finest games.

You will eventually need to make this fundamental investment. Making your computer systems entirely customizable is the best approach to do this.

With the help of the Custom Computer mod, you may construct your PCs from the ground up, choosing from a wide range of CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and other components.

12. Educate Oneself

In this game, technology only accounts for half of the puzzle; you also need competent team members to staff each of your stations.

This is particularly crucial in the gaming sector since you need employees who can keep one step ahead of the competition.

While Learn By Doing gives your developers the opportunity to sharpen their abilities through a more practical method, skill training is already a feature in vanilla.

The mod enables your workers to gain skill points from performing tasks like finishing contracts and making bubbles, among other game-related tasks.

11. Games Give Staff Experience

As I have stated, surviving in the gaming industry involves keeping up with new trends and technologies, and Game Dev Tycoon does a good job of including this.

Some members of your workforce may occasionally find it difficult to stay up and even lose value as their careers develop.

You’ll have to retrain replacements and build them up from scratch, which won’t be beneficial for you.

A straightforward mod called Staff Gain Experience From Games makes sure that your developers keep improving over time.

As a result of their work on the game, employees are now rewarded with tech and design points, which vary depending on the game’s size, the part of the game they worked on, and their level of effort.

10. Holiday Time

With all your developers working so hard, the last thing you want is for them to get burned out.

VacationTime adds an interesting new element to the game, where your workers will need to take some much-needed time off every once in a while to protect them from getting overworked.

So you’ll have to keep an eye out for fatigued employees and send them on vacation to make sure everyone stays in tip-top shape.

9. Instagram Review

Your company’s main line of business is creating and releasing video games. However, consumer acceptance may be just as crucial as the level of detail you include.

You’ll want to keep an eye on reviews as a brand-new release is just around the corner to see how your game is faring in the market.

The standard game does include this functionality. But because it takes so long to deliver the review’s findings, you might pass out from anticipation.

Bypassed by Insta Review, all of the results are displayed immediately. You won’t have to wait as long from now on!

Although it may not seem like much, having this mod greatly improves the quality of life.

8. Popular games shift market share

Exclusives have become increasingly common in recent video game history.

The community may have become divided as a result, and many fans may now be furious since the new game that everyone wants to play may not be coming on their preferred gaming platform.

You will have greater influence over which platform, on which you are rooting, gains popularity because you are now in charge of creating the games.

With this mod, you may directly affect the market share of a console based on which ones you create popular games for.

7. Consoles in the Beginning

Consoles: The Early Years would be a mod to try out if you wanted to take it any further (or should I say backwards).

The mod includes 15 new platforms for which you may create games, many of them are modeled on vintage consoles like the older Nintendo Famicom or Sega Genesis. It is undoubtedly a fascinating trip down memory lane for devoted gamers.

6. Gamingthrou’s Steam Cube

With the introduction of their Steam Machines, which were essentially prebuilt gaming systems designed to run Steam games, Steam attempted to disrupt the market back in 2015.

It goes without saying that the platform wasn’t particularly effective.

No matter the cause, you can still have them in Gave Dev Tycoon.

You can accomplish exactly that with the help of the Steam Cube by Gamingthrou, which also includes 3 extra events to spice up the game a little bit.

5. Xtra Topics

Despite the fact that the original game has a ton of content, many fans still desire more from Game Dev Tycoon.

You can gain a ton of expansions and more content by modifying, and Xtra Topics is a terrific place to start.

You can choose from 80 entirely new themes added by the mod, including physics, fishing, God, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

4. TAG Mod

One more well-liked Game Dev Tycoon extension is TAG Mod. But to alter your game play, you need a special strategy.

The mod firstly totally redesigns the user interface. Your game now has a brand-new aesthetic.

Additionally, it creates room for the features that the mod has added, giving you more things to consider while you manage your development studio.

You will have quick access to relevant information like your game development history, the most recent genre, and training specifics. This mod also incorporates the VacationTime mod, giving you access to staff energy levels.

3. StoryQuests by GDT Tech

With the addition of 10 additional technologies that may now be investigated in-game, this mod enhances how you can play your next games’ quests and stories.

The ability to incorporate various endings, enhanced story arcs, quest trees, challenging tasks, and much more will be taught to you.

With these at your disposal, you’ll undoubtedly be on to something revolutionary.

2. Modification Pack

We have the Expansion Pack Mod by DzjengisKhan, which is well named when it comes to larger expansion packs, download now.

The mod really integrates a lot of the existing add-on mods, giving you some of the best addons available at one location!

Along with other minor improvements, the mod adds 80 new topics, 11 new platforms, 8 new events, and 22 new research possibilities to the game, making it even more compelling to replay for the zillionth time.

1. Over The Skyline

The last song is Over The Skyline.

Modder TajemnikTV was seeking for methods to enhance his GDT experience because he believed he had gotten the most out of the base game.

In addition to all the new subjects, activities, and research items added by this patch, Over The Skyline also enables you to add more content to already-released games by letting you make DLC for them. Really nice, no?

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