How Long Does It Take For The Carpet to Dry After Cleaning With Rug Doctor?

We all want to use simple and convenient methods of rug and carpet cleaning but expect professional results and sometimes that is not possible but with the right selection of everything that is required to provide professional results it is absolutely possible that you neither break your back nor put a huge hole in your pocket and still clean the carpet or a rug like the professionals would do, rug doctor is something that helps you do that, once you have used it to clean the carpet you then need to be patient because that will also play a huge role in deciding what sort of results you will get.

The Woodlands carpet cleaning professionals were kind enough to help me in building an understanding of what we need to do once the carpet is washed, when the is washed it will be wet and each fabric would take time for it to dry, even if you use professional grade dryers you would still have to allow some time for it to dry and unless you are absolutely sure the carpet is dry you should neither walk on the carpet nor you should place furniture on it.

Even if you have worked really hard on cleaning the carpet and even used the right products but if you miss this important step of letting it dry properly you will ruin your good work, experts belief that you should at least allow seventy two hours for drying but I would recommend you go be extra careful here and wait double the time before you place furniture on the carpet and that is because if you place the furniture on damp carpet it will create an unbearable odor that will be hard to get rid of.

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