About Us

What is a concept?

A concept is the central message that marks the direction of the communication in question. It is what defines what we will communicate. Remember, it is not a script, since its interpretation is not word for word.

What is an idea?

An idea describes how audiovisual execution will be embodied. Count the key points it should have.

What is a tip (or creative tip)?

A tip is an idea expressed in 140 characters, so that it allows free interpretation in the following stages.

What is a script

A script is a writing that contains word by word the indications of everything that the audiovisual piece requires for its realization.

What is the Director’s Treatment?

The Treatment is the Director’s presentation on how he proposes to film the video. For its presentation you can use storyboards, clarifications, links to your reel and / or references of all kinds (audiovisual and / or graphics). They may also present casting, locations, costumes, scenery, photography, art, and everything that the Director considers that he can contribute to the understanding of his proposal.

This type of stage is always private so that it cannot be used by other Aiotra members other than its author. Its objective is to reduce the economic risk of the Director before going out to film, assuring him a minimum prize in the Video stage so that he can produce his content with greater security and present it in the next stage.

What is a video?

The video can be performed, an animation, a stop motion, a time-lapse, whatever they want. You choose the technique that you think best suits the request of the sponsor.

You are responsible for creating the content and we trust 100% in the quality of your work. In certain cases, the project sponsor will ask for something very particular and we recommend that they know how to interpret it in order to have a better chance of being selected.

What is a short film?

A short film is a film set that lasts less than 30 minutes.

What is a pilot?

A pilot episode is a proposal for a web or television series chapter, in order to serve to evaluate its possible success and analyze its eventual production.

What is a web series?

A web series is an audiovisual work that is disseminated in successive web broadcasts, each of them maintaining a plot unit in itself and with continuity, at least thematic, between the different episodes that comprise it.

What is a project

A project (or contest) is a specific order that defines the client and can be composed of the stages that the client and aiotra consider according to their needs.

What is a stage

Minimum period in which a particular project is divided.

What is a proposal

A proposal is the work presented at each stage by an aiotra user, in response to a customer’s request, or more specifically, responding to the request in the corresponding stage.

What is an ALL IN proposal?

Maybe you came up with a spectacular idea but you didn’t have time to upload it, or you uploaded it but you think that the client did not finish seeing its true potential, or simply none of the ideas or scripts selected by the client just convince you.

For these moments we enable the ALL IN proposals. It is a proposal that is not based on any winning proposal from previous stages. It is a hunch that you are sure that the customer will love it and that is why you decide to produce it to present it.

They are accepted only in certain projects and stages, so please read the brief and the project summary where it will be clarified whether the corresponding stage accepts or is not of such proposals.