10 Questions To Ask Before You Choose Swim Lessons For Your Kid

When it comes to selecting the best swim lessons for your child, there are several options. Private schools, a nearby city pool, and perhaps even a neighborhood HOA-run pool are all available to you. So how do you pick your child’s swimming instructor? Here are the top 10 inquiries you should make before enrolling your kids in classes, along with Emler’s responses to each.

What sort of education and/or credentials do your instructors possess? Do they have to pass a background investigation?

Before being assigned to their own sessions, Emler Swim School Swimjourney Singapore instructors must successfully complete a rigorous 16-hour training course that combines classroom and in-water instruction with 40 hours of mentorship and hands-on coaching. An additional 15 hours of classroom and in-water training are needed for instructors who are instructing the Waterbabies classes.

All shifts are planned to practice Emler’s Emergency Action Plan, and teachers take part in weekly meetings and seminars where safety and teaching methods are reviewed and improved. In addition, for the protection of the kids, swim families, and coworkers, all Emler Swim School employees must undergo rigorous background checks.

The number of pupils in each class

The average class size at Emler is four kids per teacher, and sessions where parents stay in the water with their young children average six pupils per teacher. We try to keep students or student-caregiver pairs apart and to maintain clear lanes in between each lesson. These small class sizes also guarantee that your child receives personalised care, enabling their instructor to fully comprehend their abilities, personalities, and learning preferences.

To ensure that everyone may find a swim lesson style they are comfortable with throughout the pandemic, we also offer private lessons one-on-one, parent-and-child sessions with the instructor on the pool deck, and parent-and-child private lessons with the instructor on the pool deck.

Exists a clear objective for my child’s class?

A clear objective can help you track your child’s development and ensure they are picking up the necessary abilities. Each of Emler’s 20 distinct class levels has a set of specialized objectives. This enables the parents to precisely identify the competencies that their children ought to possess by the end of the semester.

Will there be regular updates on how my child is doing?

At Emler, communication is encouraged. Every 4-6 weeks, teachers and deck managers who are in charge of the lessons evaluate each student specifically. Throughout the semester, teachers often call parents on a frequent basis to inform them on their children’s progress and to address any concerns.

Will my child’s teacher be the same for each class?

Yes, Emler makes an effort to give your child consistency. Our professors commit to your student when you commit to a class. Every class your child attends will have a teacher present (barring occasional sick days or preplanned vacation time). Not only does the instructor love seeing your student every time, but the curriculum for swim lessons places a strong emphasis on the teacher-student relationship. This has become increasingly difficult due to the pandemic. The same instructor for every student is still our goal, though. (I contend that the epidemic has made things better because we have our top-tier instructors who demand the most hours.)

My youngster will be able to swim when?

In their first semester at Emler, 99 percent of all pupils learn to swim on their own! Such a high success rate may be attributed to the curriculum, SwimScript, which has won numerous awards, as well as the supportive, qualified instructors. An Emler Manager’s keen eye aids in spotting and helping young fish that are having trouble achieving their swim level objectives.

What would happen if my child wasn’t taught how to swim? Are the lessons you offer guaranteed?

Emler is the only swimming program in the area that offers a 100% swimmer guarantee. With more than 45 years of expertise, we are confident that all kids, not only the bold or athletic ones, can learn to swim. All students will successfully complete the class level’s end goal, according to Emler Swim School’s guarantee.

Does the program include both the fundamentals of swimming and water survival?

Your child will learn how to react in an emergency involving water safety at Emler in addition to developing a passion of swimming. One of the most crucial questions to take into account while picking swimming classes for youngsters may be this one. A technique called Jump, Turn, and Swim is taught to students to help them learn how to get back to the spot where they first entered the water. Additionally, back floating is explained and practiced. Older levels of instruction include specialized instruction that covers life jacket and boat safety. “Clothesline Day,” when students recover from a fictitious fall into the water while wearing street clothes, is the climax of the semester.

We are aware that there are various approaches to teaching a kid to swim. We do not, however, support methods that include holding onto infants above the water and letting them sink if they do not lie still.

The swimming lessons, will I be allowed to view them?

Yes, you can, and at Emler, we actively encourage parents to be present as their child grows to love swimming. Parents are welcome to stand on the deck near classes as long as they maintain a safe physical distance from other parents. Seating is available in each of our facilities’ observation rooms. We ask that parents always stay at the facility throughout their child’s session and keep an eye on the pool while physically separating from other parents and employees because safety is our first priority. We require all adults to wear face covers when they are not in the water, and all of our chairs are 6 feet apart. With the exception of our Texas facilities, where two caregivers may accompany a student, only one caretaker may now accompany a student at a time in the facility.

How do you ensure that the water is safe, sanitary, and warm for my child?

The air inside the pool area is always at a comfortable temperature because Emler pools are heated to 90 degrees year round. To maintain the purity and crystal clarity of the water in our pools, we also make significant investments in the best UV water purification equipment.

UV light beams destroy harmful microorganisms and render viruses inactive when water is circulated through our UV system. We also keep a close eye on our pools. However, we also physically test the water in our pool just in case our equipment fails. Our pools require far less chlorine because of our sophisticated UV water purification system and regular water testing, which lowers the quantity of chemical residue and hazardous byproducts.

Bonus: How are you reducing COVID-19 risk?

Again, health and safety are our top priorities, so everyone is safe in our swimming lessons for kids! Emler complies with all local, state, and federal regulations to maintain the security of our premises. Every 30 minutes, the facilities are cleaned using disinfecting agents that the CDC recommends. All adults must wear masks or other forms of protection, too (except instructors who are using face shields while in the water). The number of people inside the building is also being restricted. Within the first five minutes of each employee’s shift, we take their temperature and send them home if any symptoms are present. The building will never permit entry to any employee who has a fever.

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