About us

Ten years have flown by the past, since I started earning online. Ten years back, the idea of earning online was pretty unknown to most people. In fact, some people thought that online earning is nothing but a myth. But I was fascinated with the idea of online earning. I started my career as Freelance writer.

At first, I did not where to start. I had no mentor to guide me or teach me how to earn online. I was lucky enough to recognize my abilities and talents. I found myself good at writing. I used to participate in high school essay competition frequently.

But writing was not enough for the internet. When we have to write content for a website or business, it is more than a writing an essay. Despite having complete command on language and grammar, I was failing at getting writing projects. Then, I intensively searched about content writing and marketing.

After reading and practicing writing techniques for months, I was able to get my first writing project. I still remember, the task was to write product description of shoes. That was my starting point, after that, I did not look back.

Right now, I still work as a professional content writer, and also running several websites. When you are a content writer, you have an edge. That is, you can write about anything despite your personal interest!

In this blog, I am going to contribute as the content marketing expert. I will share my extensive experience, and will show you how to be master of all niches! If you want to be a professional writer but don’t know where to start. You have landed at right place. I will assist you in achieving your goals!